My Weekend In England

Last weekend I travelled to England - for the first time in my life! Can't believe I've never been there before. It's such a short trip - only a 45 minutes flight from Amsterdam to London (Luton). My fiancé studies in Oxford, so I visited him there :-)

On Thursday and Friday we were in Didcot and Oxford. In Oxford I came across this awesome Harry Potter shop, which was unfortunately closed :(. Oxford is popular among HP-fans, since some parts of the movies have been shot at Christ Church College. It was an amazing feeling to be there! 

Friday evening my fiancé took me to a formal dinner at Brasenose college in Oxford. It was really cool to experience that once. All the students have to wear gowns, which looks very funny to me. I got to love Oxford and its old traditions more and more. 
Unfortunately we didn't take many pics at formal, but afterwards we went to drink a cocktail at a very cool cocktailbar called Freud- which is built inside an old church. Since it was halloween night, the streets were full of people dressed-up. 

 We also came across this pub called The Eagle and Child, a place where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis met eachother every week, as a member of the Inklinks writers group.

Saturday we spent the whole day in London. first thing we did was taking a ride on the London Eye, one of the most famous ferris wheels in the world. We had an amazing view up there, and it was one of my long been wishes being fulfilled, yay! 

 Amazing view on the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

In the afternoon we visited Green Park, and we took a quick sneakpeek into Harrods - some sort of Primark for posh people.

During these days, I absolutely fell in love with Café Nero and Pret a Manger, because we ate there so many times. Nero's Chai Lattés are the best, and so is the Posh Cheddar baguette with spinach smoothie from Pret.


  1. You took some really wonderful pictures there! Looks like a fun trip for you

    1. Thank you! Yes it was so much fun! :-D


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