Japanese Candy!

I saw some Japanese candy reviews on youtube, and it looked sooo much fun to do! So I decided to order a package myself, and well after a few weeks it arrived, and it's sooo cute! My cousin Linde also wanted to try it, so we went to make it together and blog about it. We actually wanted to do a video, but since we both don't have a good camera - we just made a photo-collage :-)

The first package we tried was the sushi one. As the directions on the package were all in Japanese - and we're both not really skilled Japanese speakers - we watched a youtube tutorial for some more explanation.
This is the package - I love the colourfullness! As you can see on the left package, those 4 circles are supposed to be the plates for the sushi - so kawaii. 


Anyway, this was what's inside the package: different coloured sachets with powder, a little spoon and pipette, and a white plastic box to mix it all in. 

This is how we made it: The biggest sachet containes white powder, which you have to mix with water, and then it becomes some sort of ricy substance. From this we formed some little sushi-balls as you can see. Next step was to decorate them in 3 styles: the orange balls represent caviar - this was so much fun to make! Then the darkred jelly is the salmon, en the yellow jelly - i forgot. I think it's a vegetable.
Aaaaand ofcourse it didn't look like the pic at all :')

Well, let's go to the next one:

The basic thing which is the same for all DIY-candy is to fill the separate plastic boxes with a litte bit of water, before adding the different powders. The powders are all coloured differently, and with each one of them it was a suprise how they would turn out.

We forgot to take pictures of each step of the burgers, so I will try to explain it a little: After the powders for the burgers, meat and fries are mixed, you heat them up in the microwave for 40 seconds. The meat really smells and tastes like meat, and the fries are made from potato starch so they taste like real fries. 
The ketchup and cheese you mix with cold water, and they taste like what they represent. At last you mix the coke-powder with water and it's real coke! Only without bubbles :(
The cutest thing is that the package again has some sort of plate where you can put the fries on. And you can cut out little decoration flags to stick in the burgers - so fab! 

Nailed it :')

We had one little package left -the rocket...

This was the last one we tried, and honestly: this one we would not recommend to buy. It's pretty boring to make, and when you try to launch the rocket, it fails even more because of the gum is way too long.
The rocket was pretty disappointing. The whole thing is one big sweet bubblegum sugarbomb which is in our opinion disgusting. Linde didn't even dare to try it, haha!

Uhhh.... well this looks wrong on so many levels.. 

Do you wanna try Japanese candy as well? All these goodies are to order at the webshop of NapaJapan.

xx Ilse

p.s. Wanna read the article in Dutch, written by Linde? It's on our Dutch blog: www.greenfieldgirls.blogspot.nl

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