15 Question Swap (with Jan!)

Lately, I've been participating in another question-swap, which means you have to answer a list of questions and send them to your swap-partners. Very simple, but cool to do. This time I decided to answer the questions together with my best fiancé, because we could even get to know each other better by this. 
Enjoy reading! 

1) What was the last picture you took with your phone?
I: That was a picture of floating candles in my room
J: My last picture was of a miniature Christmas tree in the living room of my friends. It's a little teddy in focus and a Christmas tree in the background, which symbolises that it's a tradition that also endorses childhood, childish excitement and playfulness.

2) What kind of sickness have you lied about, so you wouldn't go to work/school?
I: General allround illness, like nausea, migraine and a cold.
J: Gilmore's Groin - a groin injury, and a ridiculously bad excuse for not going to school.

3) The best compliment you have ever received?
I: "You have beautiful hair/eyes" - heard that many times, but it still makes my day. And also when my family says that it feels like they've known my Jan for years already, and vice verse when his family says the same.
J: When Ilses family says that it feels like they've known me forever.

4) What is your perfect pizza?
I: It's called Boston, and you can but it here in the supermarket in the Netherlands. It has spinach with goat cheese, tomatoes and pine nuts.
J: Seafood pizza with salmon, seabass and rocket salad.

5) If you could have personally witnessed anything, what you would you want to have seen?
I: The inauguration of our new King and Queen. I've seen it on TV, but would have loved to witness it in person. Oh, and a meeting of the Bilderberg group, just because it's such a mystery what they discuss. 
J: The Jalta conference, where leaders of the free world discussed what was going to happen after the second world war.

6) What question do you hate to answer?
I: How did you meet Jan?  - Because it was through LinkedIN, but it's quite personal I think, and when I say LinkedIN people are gonna ask more, and then I don't know how far I should go into details about it. 
J: Same.

7) What keys on your keyboard do you not use?
I: On my phone it's these: √π¥
On my laptop it's a button called PauseBreak, right above the Backspace button. Seriously, where is that for? When I don't know where a button is for, then I don't even dare to use it, haha. Maybe I should just press it once for yolo. 
J: The hashtag, because it's so popular, I refuse to use it.

8) Is there something you loose all the time?
 I: My beanie
J: I always loose my scarfs.

9) What is your favourite word?
I: The Danish word for marshmellow: skumfidus
J: Serendipity, because that's Ilse and I.

10) Which dead person would you least want to be haunted by?
I: I think I'd say any murderer - I can't come up with a specific one.
J: Jack the Ripper.

11) You can select one person from history and have him/her truthfully answer one question. Who would you pick and what is the question?
I: I have been thinking a long time about this one. I could make fun of this one, but if I really wanna say something serious, I'd say former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. And I'd ask him so many questions, but first of all: Did you actually have real emotions? Was there anything real in your country? And did you really not feel anything deep down in your heart, when letting your people suffer? 
J: Martin Heidegger. I would ask him "What did you actually mean?". He was an existentialist philosopher and wrote about 'Being'.

12) What is your blood type?
I: O+
J: I don't have a clue :')

13) What are you afraid of?
I: Spiders, thunder& lightning, and dentists. My fear of spiders and dentists is gradually decreasing, but thunder&lightning is the worse. I think because I can't control that. It just happens out of my control. When it thunders, I lock myself up in the toilet (so I don't have to see the lightning) with headphones and music on - meanwhile checking the weather-radar app on my smartphone, to see when the thunder will be over. 
J: That something is gonna happen to my fiancee :(

14) Have you ever been in a food fight?
I: I have witnessed one at my secondary school once but I didn't participate.
J: Yes, at my first day at college, half of the guys in the canteen started throwing breadrolls and we threw apples back. That was hilarious.

15) Which superpower would you like to have? Why?
I: I wish I was able to look into the future, like Alice from Twilight. Not far ahead, but just short into the future, so I can anticipate better on what's coming. 
J: I would like to have wings because then I could fly to Ilse whenever I want. (Aaaaaah)

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