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Tony's Chocolonely is a Dutch company which produces Fair-Trade chocolate. A little bit more expensive than the average chocolate bar, but so worth it! A part of the money goes to Cocoa-farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

My favourite bar of all time is the orange Milk-Caramel-Seasalt one. But recently I found out Tony had some limited edition bars, which could only be ordered via their webshop - since I live in such a small town where supermarkets don't sell the limited stuff.

So, I bought 4 limited editions, and tested them. From left to right, they're the following flavours:

Orange/Rosemary - Cherry/Meringue
Coffee Crunch - Walnut/Banana

This one is Dark chocolate with 51% cocoa. It tastes very strong and actually very good, even with the rosemary in it. Rosemary is a herb, which goes well with chocolate, but I've never seen it in a chocolate bar before. It is also a good combination with orange. Personally I don't like dark chocolate, because it's too intense, but this one I might eat more often. :)

This one is also a Dark chocolate bar, filled with pieces of dried cherry and meringue. Meringue is made from whipped eggwhite, and is absolutely delishious in cakes, but also in chocolate. The taste is very strong, but since I'm not a fan of dark chocolate, this one isn't my favourite.

Coffee Crunch
I like this one very much! It is a Milk chocolate bar, with strong coffee taste, and nice crunchies.

This one is Milk chocolate as well, and probably my favourite! There are many large pieces of walnut inside, which makes it crunchy, but the banana flavour does not stand out.

Over all, I like the two milk chocolate bars the most, just because I'm not a fan of dark. Which one do you like the most? Let me know!

xx Ilse

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  1. Wow, that's cool that some of the proceeds go to help farmers in other countries!

    -Zefaniya Follow me or comment on my blog #33


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