Week Summary #3

This week has been a very busy week. Last weekend I have been in Norway to visit my fiancé and his family. It was one awesome trip - I love Norway so much! We made our engagement official, and we had a big family party which was tremendously edifying and good. I absolutely LOVE my In-Laws <3

In Tønsberg, we went for a walk to Oseberghaugen, a mound where a Viking ship from 800 CE was discovered. Vikings used to bury their dead bodies in a mound - but at Oseberg, they buried an entire vikingship. When archaeologists found the ship in 1904, they were flabbergasted because inside the ship they found numerous grave goods and two female skeletons.
I have seen something about the Oseberg-ship in the Norwegian movie Ragnarok, and it fascinated me. Then my fiancé said, 'oh that's basically around the corner where I live, so let's go see it!'. And so we did. It was a very rainy day, but that didn't matter. We had a very good time.

Back in Holland, I had to work again on monday. I was still very tired from the weekend, and being engaged is kinda overwhelming. Tuesday I didn't do much, just as Norwegians say 'å slappe av' which means 'to relax'.

Thursday I had a drink with my cousin, whom I haven't been seeing much these months - so it was very good to meet her and talk. Later that day I went to a bridal outlet with my mom, to get some inspiration for a wedding dress. It was overwhelming and confusing, but I have a clear idea of what I want for a dress for my wedding. Best thing: I'm gonna design it & mom is gonna make it! #dreamteam

I also bought some craft supplies at the store - my collection sticky tape is growing rapidly!

For the rest, I've been practising some piano, and done some swaps and postcrossing. And I booked my flight ticket to England next week - so excited to go there! 

Currently I am knitting socks for my best buddy. I didn't know that knitting was so much fun! I am very motivated to knit more in the future. 

What have you been up to?

xx Ilse


  1. Congratulations on your engagement. You two make a beautiful couple!

  2. Congratulations on your engagement, you both look so happy :D From Nat on Swapbot

  3. Congratulations!!! I wish you all the happyness in the world (although it looks like you don't need it :D) Hugs and all my best wishes from Vanessa (@swapbot)

    1. Thanks Vanessa! We are a very happy couple. Btw, I am so in love with your blog!


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