Week Summary #2

Hi folks!
I haven't been posting many updates since I started, but I am working on some really cool ones. For now I will just post a short update on my week.

Last week I have been shopping at Primark with my fiancé, and bought some very cool Scandinavian-style winter items. In the picture below, I am wearing the leggings I bought there. Actually all the clothes I wear here are from Primark, but I bought the top and the boots earlier. The picture wasn't meant to be stylish, so excuse the awkward pose. This wasn't a serious outfit, but just a 'lazyday' style. I am someone who wears whatever she wants, which is mostly some comfortable pants and a tee.

Oh, I forgot to tell that the building behind me is actually a very old water-management building in the town where I live. It is not used anymore, and I have no idea what the current purpose of this building is, but ever since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by this building, because it radiates something mystical. And I just loove old buildings and ruines.

I also went to the cinema to see The Maze Runner - which I can strongly recommend, because it's so exciting. I ordered the Maze Runner-trilogy right after, because I was desperate to read the two sequels. Funny thing is: As soon as the books arrived, my younger brother wanted to read them rightaway, and he finished them in only 4 days time - all three books! Since I was still stuck in Narnia part 2, it didn't matter to me anyway.

The other movie I went to see at the cinema this week was 'If I Stay'. That one was cool, but quite tedious as well. The thing I liked the most about this movie was the music. The classical chello pieces, as well as the more modern guitar dance hits. I am strongly motivated to learn chello now. How cool would that be, besides my piano and violin skills!?

I've actually been doing quite a lot of things, no wonder why I didn't have any time for blogging! In the weekend , I've been to The Hague to do some sightseeing with my fiancé - he always wanted to see the parliament buildings, as he is a politician. I have been there as a child once, but didn't remember much of it. A mustsee is ofcourse the Binnenhof, the place where the Dutch Parliament is settled. Also the little round tower where our Prime Minister Mark Rutte works. And last but not least: The royal palace Noordeinde, where the queen used to live. When you've seen the palace, don't forget to walk around and visit the royal garden - which is absolutely magnificent, a very peaceful place.

What wondered me the most, was that there is almost no security around the Binnenhof or the palace.

A view from the Binnenhof

Royal palace Noordeinde

me&Jan in the royal gardens

In The Hague I got these cool stickers. I thought I could use them very well for Postcrossing and just decorating letters or my notebook.  The stickers contain many languages, such as Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish and even Chinese and Arabic. So cool, whatcha think?
I got them at a bookstore called Berlage, and they were quite expensive (€13,95), but so worth it! In Berlage, they sold many other cool postcard/notebook stuff, all very expensive as well, so I had to choose. I wish I could buy everything.

Check out their webshop!

Last monday I have been to the hospital again, to pay a visit to the dental surgeon - yay! This time I had to get my last two wisdomteeth removed. It went quite fast: after 10 minutes they were both removed - but now I have to recover for a couple of days. So basically I'm spending all day at home now, resting, reading my new trilogy and being creative. Not much, because even eating is difficult and painful sometimes. Well, I won't complain here, next week I will be back on track again and I will keep you updated!

Lots of Love,

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