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I recently participated in an electronic swap on swap-bot, and I thought it would be cool to share it with you. The swap is about 20 Questions which you have to answer, and send to 3 other swap-members by a private message. A very easy way to get some beginner-swaps done, and get some ratings on your profile - which is important for when you want to enter more difficult swaps later. These are the questions + my answers:

 What is your beauty secret? 
I use BB cream each morning. It's a foundation which hydrates the skin, and helps against pimples as well. Besides that I use MUA-skin powder to darken my cheeks, and give my face more dimension. And also drink a lot of water. 

What brings you the greatest joy? 
To make other people happy, by helping them, be nice to them and be giving. 

What is your greatest indulgence? 
Toblerone - chocolate! And ehm, sleeping. 

What is on your kitchen counter? 
Well, since I still live at my parents house, there is a lot of stuff on the counter. From left to right: a mixer, some cups, dirty dishes, two sinks, a coffee machine, a knifeholder, foil-holders, some hanging kitchen-utensils, the stove with 4 gaspits, some cupcake-decoration (mine!), more cups and some kitchenpaper - and then: THE FRIDGE! *haaleluja*

Do you have a secret talent? 
My fiancé says I'm good at analyzing - which I never knew before, so it must have been secret.

What item in your closet do you wear the most?
Pyjamas. I can wear pyjamas all day if I don't have any appointments for the day. Besides that: my black pants.

What makes you laugh? 
Watching funny video's on youtube, like fails, cats, pranks and stuff. Sarcastic humour.  And talking with my fiancé, he is extremely funny. 

What is your go-to shower song? 
That would be all kinds of dancehits. Every song with a good beat is fine for me while I shower :p

What is your favorite vacation? 
So far it has been my trip to Gran Canaria in january this year. It was so nice to escape from the cold Dutch winter - and Gran Canaria is a beautiful island with very nice people. Also I love going to Scandinavian countries - and I would love to pay a visit to Iceland and Greenland once.

What is your favorite food? 
Anything with chicken. And I love pizza and shrimps.

What makes you mad? 
The whole idea of ISIS and an Islamic State.

What movie has the greatest ending? 
I would say The Maze Runner, simply because its the latest movie I've seen, and I loved how they all escaped out of the maze. But there are 2 sequels, so I hope the eventual ending gets better though.

What is on your nightstand? 
A little closet with 4 drawers, a box of paper towels, a 'to do'- notebook, and a little box with all kind of stuff like nail-equipment, handcream, a bracelet, hairpins, lipgloss, earplugs etc. 

What can you not miss on TV? 
National Geographic channel.

What is on your bucket list? 
Travel to Iceland and Greenland.

What is on your bookshelf? 
A LOT OF BOOKS! Seriously. I'm saving books, because my fiancé and I wanna have our own walk-in library when we live together. Some examples of books I have: many of Stephen King, The Hungergames trilogy, the Maze Runner trilogy, Twilight, Jane Eyre, The Hobbit, Da Vinci Code, Narnia, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Shopaholic serie, The Fault in our Stars, and some Danish books.

What should every woman try at least once in her life? 
Learn a foreign language.

What splurge is well worth it? 
Travel and buy books. 

What are three things on your last credit card statement? 
1: public transport payment, 2: a cinema ticket, 3: a bag of jellybeans

What is the best advice you've ever been given?
Never give up. Losing is not an option. 

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  1. Who doesnt love a good youtube fail or cat video! Makes everyday better!
    From swapbot


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