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I can say I love traveling. Most of my journeys have been happening inside The Netherlands and Germany though, but I also traveled to Danmark, Norway, and Spain some time. The farthest I've traveled so far is Gran Canaria, january this year - all on my own with a friggin' Ryanair jet. But hey, it was fun and I made some new friends.

Ofcourse I like to travel together with buddies, but I prefer traveling alone. It is so relaxing - you're not bound to any others' schedules and habits-  and it's always so excited to discover new places and meet new people during the trip. And I am known for being a spontaneous person, so I easily make friends. My last long journey was a train trip from Copenhagen back to Arnhem - and the first thing I actually did was sharing a Toblerone chocolate with my co-passengers. Oh I'm such a people-pleaser I know. =)

Well, what I wanted to share is that my wanderlust is absolutely neverending. And I love the word 'neverending', it reminds me of my favourite childhood movie 'A neverending story' - which I still have to watch again - but whatever. There are so many places in this world that I'd like to discover. Not the common places you'd expect. I'd wanna travel to places most people would never wanna set foot - because it's unattractive or simply not cool - but it fascinates me. Greenland for example - how amazing sounds that!? And Iceland as well. Did you know that Iceland was discovered in the winter, so they named it after the ice - but Greenland was discovered in summer so the coasts were very green, and so Greenland was born. While it should surface-technically be the opposite: Greenland is covered for more than 80% in ice, while Iceland is more green.

Yea, this pic explains it pretty much.

Greenland! (source: wikipedia)

Other 'Northern' places I really wanna set foot are Iceland, Svalbard, Canada and Alaska. Strange fact about me: I love winter more than summer. I love the cosyness inside, hot chocolate, celebrations, and the ability to wear big oversized sweaters legally again <3 

Oh one last random fact: There is a massive storage compartment located at Svalbard. The 'Global Seed Vault' contains all possible seeds of vegetables and herbs that currently exist on earth. They made it just in case of doomsday - the thing is resistant against any form of damage- like disasters, so IF the earth ever gets hit by a massive disaster, remember to head straight to Svalbard and search for the compartment. Whenever found, plant all the seeds, become a gardener on the new earth, and also the first salesman. By the time, I might even be able to help you locate it, since I'm planning on exploring Svalbard in the near future. - Gosh, my imagination is endless as you can see. :D - But I doubt if it will survive doomsday, since doomsdays are usually meant to destroy literally everything on earth. 

The Global Seed Vault
I've talked pretty much a lot about random travelness now - but I will probably write more blogs about my wanderlust. Let me know if you have any comments or requests! I will soon post some sort of travelmap about places where I have been and where I want to go in the future.

This is one of my most awesome necklaces - it totally explains me and my curiosity to wander around the world.  I also love the little spyglass attached <3

xx Ilse

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