Winter Musings

As I mentioned in an earlier post: I love winter more than summer. Ever since summer starts kicking in each year, I have a strong desire to the winter again. Last winter in Holland wasn't really a winter though, it was rainy, stormy and cloudy - not the snowyness you'd expect. This year I hope the weather to be different, full of snow and cold. 

What I like most about the winter is that it's so cosy inside, when the snow rages outside the house, and you're inside with a cup of hot chocolate and an fireplace.
Imagine the Christmas tree next to you, candles everywhere and snowfall outside. Children play on the streets, building snowmen. A smell of delishious christmasdinner fills the house. I'm reading my so called 'christmasbook'. Last year I red Philip Pullmans 'Golden Compass' because it was obligatory for an uni-assignment. This year it will be The Hobbit, I think - the book I gave to my brother last year as a christmas present.

In Holland we have two main feasts during winter: Sinterklaas (5 december) and Christmas. And Newyear ofcourse. I am planning on visiting Norway this year with Christmas, simply because it's way more cosier to celebrate it there. Norwegians really make the best out of Christmas each year: They start singing Christmas songs in september already, and they put a lot of effort in the food and decorations. Also, they have this insane cool tradition to dance around the Christmas-tree while holding hands and sing songs. I had the privilege to experience that once when I lived in Norway three years ago, and it was amazing.

I will probably make a blogpost about my favourite style of winterclothes later. What do you like the most about winter? Let me know!

xx Ilse

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