Winter Musings

As I mentioned in an earlier post: I love winter more than summer. Ever since summer starts kicking in each year, I have a strong desire to the winter again. Last winter in Holland wasn't really a winter though, it was rainy, stormy and cloudy - not the snowyness you'd expect. This year I hope the weather to be different, full of snow and cold. 

What I like most about the winter is that it's so cosy inside, when the snow rages outside the house, and you're inside with a cup of hot chocolate and an fireplace.
Imagine the Christmas tree next to you, candles everywhere and snowfall outside. Children play on the streets, building snowmen. A smell of delishious christmasdinner fills the house. I'm reading my so called 'christmasbook'. Last year I red Philip Pullmans 'Golden Compass' because it was obligatory for an uni-assignment. This year it will be The Hobbit, I think - the book I gave to my brother last year as a christmas present.

Random Facts About Me

I thought it would be funny to share some random facts about me. I often stop and realize how many randomness my life contains, and how funny it actually is. 

Did you know..

  • I play piano and violin, and a little bit of ukulele.
  • I love to read books, or conspiracies.
  • My favourite TV-channel is National Geographic.
  • I absolutely disgust Pink Glace cakes, a typical Dutch cake. I always get nauseous when I eat them.
  • I am addicted to my smartphone. First I played the farmgame HayDay all day, but currently I'm addicted to chess, and a Dutch quizgame (De slimste mens) - If you like to play a game with me, in whatever mobile game: please share it below.I'm always up for it. 
  •  I know the movie The Proposal almost out of my head. Sandra Bullock is by far one of my favourite actresses. Another one is Danish actress Sidse Babett Knudsen from Borgen.
  • I'm addicted to lipbalm.
  •  I speak 2 Scandinavian languages fluently, namely Danish and Norwegian - and I am about to learn Swedish as well. 
  • I am a High Sensitive Person, which means I quickly get an overload of stimuli in most daily situations, and therefore avoid busy places - and also dislike to be at parties for a long time. I will probably write an article about HSP later on my blog. 
  •  I am also very sensitive to food, and have to be careful with things I eat, especially when it contains lactose. Soda and things with lots of sugar make me more tired, so I try to avoid these as well.
  • I can juggle with three balls.

Ólafur Arnalds - Living Room Songs

Today I came across this album. I can strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a relaxed moment. The songs really help me to relax, and they're a good background for when you're writing. Since I'm writing a lot these days, it's absolutely purrfect.

I made some good coffee, snuggled myself into some blankets and pillows and had my laptop on my lap. Living Room Songs on and enjoy life <3

I wish you a moment full of relaxation!

xx Ilse

Week Summary #1

Sometimes I have a lot of inspiration, and other times I don't. Well last week I started my new job as a Danish-speaking customer service agent for a lingerie-company. Very cool to speak Danish again - one of my favourite languages!

Now I'm free for a couple of days, so I have time to relax and get some stuff done. Last weekend I went for a drink with my sweet cousin Linde (who you will probably see in some upcoming blogs). After that we did some shopping, and I came across this typical Dutch warehouse called HEMA. They have so many awesome school/home office items, so I decided to buy some - and share it with you.

Here is what I bought:

a notebook - paperclips - pens with quotes on them -
washi tape: with quotes, patterns and poststamps - a refillable stationary

My Wanderlust

I can say I love traveling. Most of my journeys have been happening inside The Netherlands and Germany though, but I also traveled to Danmark, Norway, and Spain some time. The farthest I've traveled so far is Gran Canaria, january this year - all on my own with a friggin' Ryanair jet. But hey, it was fun and I made some new friends.

Ofcourse I like to travel together with buddies, but I prefer traveling alone. It is so relaxing - you're not bound to any others' schedules and habits-  and it's always so excited to discover new places and meet new people during the trip. And I am known for being a spontaneous person, so I easily make friends. My last long journey was a train trip from Copenhagen back to Arnhem - and the first thing I actually did was sharing a Toblerone chocolate with my co-passengers. Oh I'm such a people-pleaser I know. =)

Well, what I wanted to share is that my wanderlust is absolutely neverending. And I love the word 'neverending', it reminds me of my favourite childhood movie 'A neverending story' - which I still have to watch again - but whatever. There are so many places in this world that I'd like to discover. Not the common places you'd expect. I'd wanna travel to places most people would never wanna set foot - because it's unattractive or simply not cool - but it fascinates me. Greenland for example - how amazing sounds that!? And Iceland as well. Did you know that Iceland was discovered in the winter, so they named it after the ice - but Greenland was discovered in summer so the coasts were very green, and so Greenland was born. While it should surface-technically be the opposite: Greenland is covered for more than 80% in ice, while Iceland is more green.

Pancakes On My Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day for me. I decided to fully relax and do nothing, since last weeks were very busy. I had to finish my summerjob for Amsterdams University before today.

So, what did I do on my lazy day? I started with a breakfast of speltbread with cheese and some water. I had to take a painkiller, because my mouth still hurts a little from dental surgery last wednesday. One of my wisdomteeth got removed, and that was pretty painful. During breakfast, I normally read the newspaper, but my dad wanted to save money so he quit the newspaper-subscription.. :( Soo, I red the newspaper from saturday again, just to feel comforted in my newspaper-comfortzone.

Now, there is a Dutch website where you can read all newspapers for just a small amount of money. It's called Blendle. You can scroll through the newspapers and choose which articles you want to read. Once you've chosen an article, you only pay 10-90 cents per article, and if the article didn't satisfy you, you can immediately get your money back. Awesome system in my opinion.

Anyway, after breakfast/lunch I got on to the good old website - childhood memories! But still fun to play sometime, so I did some random stuff. My life sounds so boring, I know ey.

In the evening we ate pancakes with the family, yay! They were deelishus!

This was just the beginning of my bloglife here, I hope you like it, and if you have any comments or requests, please leave them below!

xx Ilse

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