What To Give A Blogger for Christmas

Vika, Oslo, Norway

Many gift guides are about what to give other family members, but this Bloggers' gift guide will be exclusively for you - the blogger. As many of our real life friends probably have no clue what to give us, I wrote this short and helpful guide which you can show them! The list is composed of items I myself would like to receive as well - a sort of wishlist. A bloggers' gift guide for you and for myself.

Autumn Babbles + My Autumn Favourites

Vika, Oslo, Norway

It's the autumn-time of the year again, which means spending more time inside, cold weather outside, cosiness, blankets and lots of tea. Though here in Norway, autumn is of a very short duration usually - as winter appears with snow sometimes as early as October! The first snow arrived here in Oslo the first week of November. I personally look forward to snow each year, but it's always a surprise how early it's there. Nonetheless, I managed to take a few autumnal photo's for the blog, which I will share in today's post.

The Ultimate Hubby Make-up Knowledge Tag

Vika, Oslo, Norway

Here it finally is, for all of you who have been waiting forever: The Hubby Make-up Knowledge Tag! First seen on the blog of my lovely friend Nadia, and now I will be doing my own version with my husband. My husband Jan Tore was obviously very excited to collaborate with me for this post. :') We laughed so hard together. I kind of expected him to know more about the make up I use, at least the basics - but it turned out it was harder than he (and I) thought.

Shopping spree at the Beauty Bakery

Tønsberg, Norway

A couple of months ago I came across the instagram account of the Beauty Bakery - a Dutch company that sells homemade body and beauty products, a little bit similar to Lush. I immediately decided to purchase some of the products and test them for my blog. Since they do not ship abroad (yet), I let it ship to my parents in NL, and they shipped it to me in Norway. Finally after a long wait, I could test these lovely treats out for you!

Een aantal maanden geleden kwam ik op instagram het account van de Beauty Bakery tegen. Zij verkopen allemaal lekkere bath&body goodies - vergelijkbaar met Lush. Ik besloot om er gelijk wat te bestellen, aangezien ik zoiets heel graag wilde testen voor mijn blog. Omdat ze alleen binnen Nederland verzenden, heb ik het via mijn ouders besteld en zo naar Noorwegen weten te krijgen. Na lang wachten kon ik ze eindelijk voor jullie testen! (Op dit moment is de Beauty Bakery met een restock oid bezig geloof ik, waardoor niet alle producten meer in de webshop te vinden zijn.)

G E T T O K N O W M E - T A G

Vika, Oslo, Norway
So, a couple of weeks (or months!?) ago, I got tagged by my lovely friend Lee from Lee Thrifts, to do the Get To Know Me - tag. As I love doing tags, I am of course gonna do this one on the blog!
But before we get started, I first wanna give you a short update about my life.

At the moment I am really busy with my studies. As you might know, I started studying Nutrition about a month ago, and though it is extremely exciting - it's also a lot of hard work. I can simply not find the time to be a fulltime blogger at this point. But I do miss blogging - and the blog community a heck lot :( I have become so terrible at keeping up my social media and keeping up with reading all of your blogs.. :( I hope you can forgive me for now - you surely will not regret it - the fact that I have to commit my time to my studies right now to become a certified nutrition-fysiologist in about three years! It means I am gonna invest loads of time writing nutrition related posts in the future, hopefully helping people and give some advice for those who ask for it. My hope is then to become a fulltime lifestyle blogger with beauty, food and travel as main topics - and some extra focus on nutrition every now and then. 

Okay, enough for now - let's go on to the tag!

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