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Vika, Oslo, Norway
So, a couple of weeks (or months!?) ago, I got tagged by my lovely friend Lee from Lee Thrifts, to do the Get To Know Me - tag. As I love doing tags, I am of course gonna do this one on the blog!
But before we get started, I first wanna give you a short update about my life.

At the moment I am really busy with my studies. As you might know, I started studying Nutrition about a month ago, and though it is extremely exciting - it's also a lot of hard work. I can simply not find the time to be a fulltime blogger at this point. But I do miss blogging - and the blog community a heck lot :( I have become so terrible at keeping up my social media and keeping up with reading all of your blogs.. :( I hope you can forgive me for now - you surely will not regret it - the fact that I have to commit my time to my studies right now to become a certified nutrition-fysiologist in about three years! It means I am gonna invest loads of time writing nutrition related posts in the future, hopefully helping people and give some advice for those who ask for it. My hope is then to become a fulltime lifestyle blogger with beauty, food and travel as main topics - and some extra focus on nutrition every now and then. 

Okay, enough for now - let's go on to the tag!

Copenhagen Make-up Shoplog

Vika, Oslo, Norway
As promised, here is the second post about Copenhagen in which I will show you what I bought during my trip! I don't remember the prices from all the items, but that you can probably find better yourself :)

Sephora Smart liner - eyeliner
I bought this eyeliner at a Sephora shop inside a big make-up mall in Copenhagen city - they had so much make-up brands, it was heaven!
I needed a good eyeliner anyway and thought Sephora was a good option to buy one. Then I saw they had this thing called 'smart liner' - which they promised to be dummy-proof! Since I'm an absolute loser in applying eyeliner neatly, I decided to give this one a go. Excited as I was, I tried the thing out immediately when I came home - just to find myself struggling as much as I did before, so it wasn't that big of a success. Sorry Sephora :(

Copenhagen Impressions + 3 Places You Must Visit

Copenhagen, Denmark
The first weekend of August, I've been on a good old trip to Copenhagen to visit my BF Lise. It was good to have some girlytime again  - without the hubs (he went on a business trip to Switzerland anyway, so no bad feelings :p).

* FunFact: Lise and I became friends when we worked together in Norway, 6 years ago. Our names are very similar and we got teamed up very often - so people started mixing up our names. And we just were friends from the first time we worked a shift together. *

This post will be split into two different posts - this is the first, and the second will be a small make-up shoplog of the things I bought in Copenhagen.

The first thing I wanna share with you in this post, is how amazing Danish interior actually is. I love the minimalistic and industrial/modern style in Lise's home- it made a great photography setting.

I read the 8th Harry Potter book..

Frogner, Oslo, Norway

And in this blogpost you will get my honest opinion about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The book was just out in Norway one day, and my hubby bought it for me the day after. I didn't expect to get my hands on it that soon! I was extremely thankful, and excited to start reading.

I got the book just before I went for a weekend to Copenhagen, so the perfect occassion to read it during the long (8hr) bus journey from Oslo to CPH.

Scandinavian Late Summernight Outfit

Tønsberg, Norway

I absolutely love Norwegian summers, as they often have this perfect temperature between 20-30 degrees Celsius, with an occassional 35C peak. The air is very fresh and clean and it never feels really humid.

My hubby and I love to spend summer eve's in town with some icecream and Pokemon hunting. This outfitshoot wasn't planned, but just came as we were there - and JT wanted to shoot some pictures of me :)

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