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Tønsberg, Norway

This summer my husband and I went to the mountains where his family originally grew up, and spend a weekend there - in a typical mountain cabin. The car drive is about 9/10 hours, but we spent closer to 14 hours as we also had several long stops on the way, including waiting times for two ferries.

We had a stop at Geiranger where we drove up to a viewpoint where we could see the town of Geiranger and the fjord. After that we took the ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt, which was most amazing. Prepare for a long scroll if you decide to read on. :p Enjoy the photos!

relaunching my blog

Tønsberg, Norway
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This blog has been a great passion of mine, and it still is. However, I owe you some honest information from my side. I have been consumed by my studies in the past months. And still. I am in my second year of Nutrition at uni, and this semester we have lots of chemistry and biochemistry. I love chemistry but it also craves tons of dedication and discipline. I had to retreat from blogging to be able to pass my exams. I also figured that writing about beauty and fashion really isn't my thing. While beauty and fashion cover a great amount of topics in the blogosphere, I found myself struggling to find the right direction for me. I do not belong in any specific category, I assume. Therefore I made a plan. A plan to somehow combine blogging with my studies - and I hope you who have followed my blog in the past will continue to do so.

How watching the sunset helped me fight winter sadness

Vika, Oslo, Norway

I haven't been doing weekly summaries since a long time here, but I feel the need to share my week with you, and I might even bring this series back on the blog every now and then. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all social media attention and pressure to post good content, that I forget that my blog is also a place where I can share personal things and write down my feelings.

A lot of exciting things have been happening this week. I got lots of new ideas for my blog, but I cannot pursue them yet as I am still studying for my upcoming anatomy exam on Wednesday. Yes, that's another thing I miscalculated. I thought my exam was supposed to be on Thursday but then I figured out it will be on Wednesday instead. Well done girl.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Fandom Edition

Vika, Oslo, Norway
Ugly Christmas sweaters are totally hot this season. But how cool would it be to get yourself an ugly Christmas sweater from your favourite book, movie or series!? I have done some research for you and made a list of some of my favourite Fandom Christmas sweaters. And they're not even that ugly!

What To Give A Blogger for Christmas

Vika, Oslo, Norway

Many gift guides are about what to give other family members, but this Bloggers' gift guide will be exclusively for you - the blogger. As many of our real life friends probably have no clue what to give us, I wrote this short and helpful guide which you can show them! The list is composed of items I myself would like to receive as well - a sort of wishlist. A bloggers' gift guide for you and for myself.

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