Copenhagen Impressions + 3 Places You Must Visit

Copenhagen, Denmark
The first weekend of August, I've been on a good old trip to Copenhagen to visit my BF Lise. It was good to have some girlytime again  - without the hubs (he went on a business trip to Switzerland anyway, so no bad feelings :p).

* FunFact: Lise and I became friends when we worked together in Norway, 6 years ago. Our names are very similar and we got teamed up very often - so people started mixing up our names. And we just were friends from the first time we worked a shift together. *

This post will be split into two different posts - this is the first, and the second will be a small make-up shoplog of the things I bought in Copenhagen.

The first thing I wanna share with you in this post, is how amazing Danish interior actually is. I love the minimalistic and industrial/modern style in Lise's home- it made a great photography setting.

I read the 8th Harry Potter book..

Frogner, Oslo, Norway

And in this blogpost you will get my honest opinion about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

The book was just out in Norway one day, and my hubby bought it for me the day after. I didn't expect to get my hands on it that soon! I was extremely thankful, and excited to start reading.

I got the book just before I went for a weekend to Copenhagen, so the perfect occassion to read it during the long (8hr) bus journey from Oslo to CPH.

Scandinavian Late Summernight Outfit

Tønsberg, Norway

I absolutely love Norwegian summers, as they often have this perfect temperature between 20-30 degrees Celsius, with an occassional 35C peak. The air is very fresh and clean and it never feels really humid.

My hubby and I love to spend summer eve's in town with some icecream and Pokemon hunting. This outfitshoot wasn't planned, but just came as we were there - and JT wanted to shoot some pictures of me :)

J U L Y · F A V O U R I T E S

Tønsberg, Norway
Now July is almost over, it's time for a wrap-up of my monthly favourites. I'm gonna try to keep writing this series every single month from now on. Shortly summarized, this monthly wrap-up will be a mix of personal favourites and smalltalk.

First of all, I must share a few important things with you:

  • I implemented Disqus as comment system on my blog since a few days. But I have no idea how to make sure Disqus' comment count actually shows up in the 'comment' count line underneath each post on my homepage. Anyone?
  • After a request on my Facebook page - about if I could please start selling some Babylips Pop Art on Ebay, since Maybelline apparently thought the UK population wasn't suitable for the flavours Lemon Zap and Pina Colada Pow(like wtf? Somebody must have seriously misunderstood the idea of doing proper market research in the UK - or have they only asked the wrong people?) - I can hereby announce that I AM SELLING those flavours on Ebay now. Unfortunately, Norway isn't the right country to purchase from if you search for a reasonable price - so I had to put the price up a bit in order to make it worth it for me to sell them. No idea if anything of this is even legal - but then again - I'd just advise Maybelline to do better market research the next time. :)
  • I am glad to tell you that JT and I finally found ourselves an apartment in the middle of Oslo city. The apartment itself is tiny, but the location could not have been better - as it's a prime spot between the National Theatre and the Royal palace. Out of all people interested in renting the place, they decided to choose us - and we couldn't be blessed more. So, in a month from now, we will be doing urban living! 

My Thoughts on Tuesday Bassen vs. Zara

Tønsberg, Norway

You’ve probably seen the above picture somewhere on social media already. I posted it on my Instagram as well. On the left you see  pins designed by Tuesday Bassen – on the right Zara’s stolen copy.

Tuesday Bassen
Before about two/three days ago, you’ve probably never even heard of Tuesday Bassen ever in your life. I hadn’t either. I came across her profile on instagram, where she posted this picture. It caught my attention and I decided to look deeper into it.

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